PRADA Spring/Summer Women's Show Between Reality And Virtual

PRADA 2024 spring- summer women's show,between reality and virtual

The PRADA Spring/Summer 2024 collection puts craftsmanship as the focus of the season, displaying a unique design style through the combination of multiple processes.

PRADA unvei l s its Spring /Summer 2 0 2 4 ready-to -we arcollection, designed by Miuccia Prada, Ra f Simons and outgoing PRADA design director Fabio Zambernardi, which continues its earlier menswear.

style and f lowing archite cture . Presenting sophisticated, restrained classic attire. Beaded embroidered fringed dresses and patchwork jackets, studded leather vests and cashmere polo shirts added design details to classic silhouettes, while dark suits, soft tulle skirts and leather pieces were more everyday, complemented by flowy, flexible dresses that were both dreamy and free.

The ma in color s of PRADA's spring/Summer 2024 women's fashion show are dark colors such as black and dark gray, dotted with simple printed patterns as the main colors, and a few of the pink, light blue, light green composed of flowing organza dresses in light colors. The bright shoes on the model's feet were also a highlight of the ensemble. The translucent tulle skirt and high-waisted short shorts continue the setting of previous seasons. In terms of silhouette, the high-waist corset jacket in the shape of a small cape is paired with extremely short pants, the corset design with a thin waist belt, and the nearly high and cold silhouette cut and deep color give this series a few more fierce meanings.

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