"Never Enough of Gentle Autumn Pairings!"

Autumn always comes with warmth and deepness, slowly making its entrance. As we step into the autumn season, people quietly switch to a "Mélange" mode to welcome its arrival. Opening up social media, it is filled with various autumn colors - golden yellow leaves, refreshing autumn breeze, warm sunshine, and more, presenting beautiful scenes of autumn. Of course, there are also various autumn outfits, where nature and fashion combine to delight the eyes.


Dita Von Teese's street style resembles a vintage magazine cover. She wears a simple and classic white knit sweater, paired with a vintage cherry bag, blending the classic and chic elements to add a touch of fun to the overall look.

Emma Corrin appears at the Venice Film Festival wearing a green knit outfit from Miu Miu's 2023 autumn collection. The combination of stockings and shorts showcases her bold fashion choices.

Liu Shishi opts for a collarless brown coat, paired with a matching bag. This ensemble seamlessly blends a sense of overall coherence and elegant high-end quality.

In this new advertising campaign for Roger Vivier shot in Paris, Angelababy is wearing a black knitwear paired with pearl boots, blending French romance and realism, showcasing a timeless and elegant charm.
In Kaia Gerber's street-style workout photoshoot, she showcases a combination of a puffer jacket and leggings. The deep blue outfit not only embodies overall fashion but also ensures comfort for physical activity.
To achieve your own fashion style in early autumn, careful pairing and understanding of seasonal characteristics are essential. Here are some styling tips to explore how to express your uniqueness in autumn!

1. "Weaving Magic with Knitting: The Art of Needlework"

Knitwear is definitely a top choice in autumn outfits. Whether it's a knit sweater, knit dress, or knit jacket, they can fulfill various needs.
The most common knitwear is undoubtedly the knit cardigan, which is versatile and suitable for various occasions. Pairing a crew-neck cardigan with trousers is a fail-safe option. Kendall Jenner chose a brown cardigan and paired it with chunky loafers, creating a sense of relaxation.
In Max Mara's 2023 autumn/winter collection, this off-the-shoulder knit dress highlights the shoulder lines and adds elegance, finding a perfect balance between warmth and style.

Once you choose a knit dress, you hardly need to put much thought into the styling. Just add a matching handbag as an accent, and you can create a stylish street look effortlessly.
Knit boots also offer various possibilities for styling, especially when it comes to layering. Brunello Cucinelli's gray knit boots seamlessly pair with other items in your autumn wardrobe, allowing for successful matches with both dark and bright autumn color palettes.
Bella Hadid chose a blue knit vest and layered it with a black blazer and white shirt, creating a collegiate-inspired layered look.

When the weather hasn't completely turned cold, wearing a knit vest on its own is also a great choice.

2. Layering Beauty – Cardigans

Cardigans, as versatile items for autumn, can be paired with jeans, jumpsuits, or layered outfits to create fashionable and comfortable autumn styles.

Hailey Bieber chose a brownish-red cardigan from Alexander Wang, paired with black leather pants, creating a unique and cool vibe.
Zoë Kravitz combines a camel coat, gray pleated midi skirt, and ankle boots while casually holding a phone, exuding a street-style and relaxed feel.
In the Hermes 2023 autumn/winter collection, red layering is frequently presented. The burgundy cardigan paired with matching knit pants and knee-high boots balances delicacy and elegance.
In addition to layering items of the same color, trying contrasting colors can also be a great choice. When choosing earth-toned outfits, red and yellow can often serve as accents, highlighting the uniqueness of the pairing.

3. Accentuate with Unique Seasonal Accessories

As clothing becomes thicker, accessories become even more important during this time. In autumn, choosing accessories requires both uniqueness and consideration of the season's setting. Therefore, the selection of scarves, shawls, hats, and boots becomes crucial.

Scarves and shawls are classic accessories for autumn. They not only keep you warm but also add layers and style to your appearance. Different materials and colors can be chosen to adapt to different outfits and temperatures.
Hats can also add a special touch to the overall look. Whether it's a wool hat, knit hat, or beret, various styles can be great choices.
Autumn is the perfect time to wear boots. Various styles, such as knee-high boots, ankle boots, Chelsea boots, and combat boots, can be paired with different outfits to add a sense of fashion.
Recommended Items

TOTEME, known for creating modern and chic uniforms, introduces this camel knit teddy mini dress, showcasing texture and versatility. It can be worn as a layer or as a standalone piece, suitable for various autumn occasions, defining a new definition of fashion.

Bottega Veneta Weaves Magic with the Design of the Atomic Ballet Flat, featuring a rubber sole and exquisite leather upper, not only creating a stylish look but also adding comfort and warmth to your stride.

This coat by REDValentino embodies exquisite artistry and craftsmanship, crafted from high-quality wool and mohair blend fabric. The double-breasted design enhances the overall silhouette, while the length reaching just above the knee is perfect for autumn wear.


This white knitted cardigan by ALAÏA is a true classic of the brand. Made from comfortable wool and cashmere, it is created using ribbed knit technique, featuring a draped collar and signature decorative hem, exuding a sense of design.

This multicolored wool scarf by LOEWE showcases intricate ribbed knit structure, highlighting its craftsmanship and texture. The embroidered brand logo adds to its recognition, providing not only warmth but also a perfect display of quality.

The wool scarf by GUCCI features an elegant purple hue, which not only accentuates the gentle transition to autumn but also gives the scarf a unique charm. The interlocking G pattern enhances the brand's identity on the scarf.

After going through this autumn dressing guide, we believe you are ready for the new season's outfits. Don't forget to add some vibrant colors while keeping warm and healthy during the chilly autumn days!

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